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Hannah Chatillon
Peripheral IV securement

We are attempting to standardize PIV dressings in our hospital. I am searching the INS standards and find them to be vague.

Are other hospitals using securement devices? What types of devices have provided successful outcomes?

When tegaderm  is used, does the tegaderm cover not only the insertion site but also the connection to the IV tubing?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Standards of practice are

Standards of practice are not written as a policy or a procedure, so this might give the impression of being "vague". A manufactured catheter stabilization device is the preferred method of use with all catheters, especially short peripheral. This is based on much published research that is listed in the standards document. There are several brands of these devices now available, but I would caution you to look for one that meets the definition (see the glossary in the standards). This must anchor the catheter hub and the tubing and not just the tubing alone. The only published research that I can quickly recall are studies performed using Statlock. I prefer that the transparent dressing **not** cover the connection between the catheter hub and the tubing. This makes it easier if you need to change the tubing at this junction. This is not addressed in standards, guidelines, or published policies and procedures. So you can make the decision that is best for your situation. 

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