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Performing PICC's in the EJ

Is there any training available for placing PICC's,IV catheters in the EJ.? 

What is the duration a PICC can stay in the EJ?  

We are considering adding this option for patients that arm placement is not available.

Angela Lee
I do not know of any

I do not know of any specific training for EJ PICCs but it may be out there somewhere.  If not, I wouldn't be surprised to see it available soon.

Dwell time for EJ PICCs should be not different than a PICC placed anywhere else.  We place EJ PICCs in infants and occasionally toddlers and though the hub is secured on the chest there is still a greater risk of catheter dislodgement and dressing integrity is difficult to maintain.  We seldom place EJ PICCs in older children.

M Galloway
Watch for pre or post
Watch for pre or post conference class for jugular placement at AVA (Sept 2009 in Las Vegas) 
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