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Pediatric PIV attempts


I currently work in a pediatric hospital that is implementing a new HAC (hospital acquired condition) group that will address/reduce Peripheral IV Infiltration and Extravasation (PIVIE). Wanted to ask the group your thoughts on the following:

1. Does your hospital have a policy on number of attempts for IV placement or lab draws?
2. If so how many attempts are typically “allowed” before escalating to a specialty service? (ex. Vascular access team, PICU, NICU, sedation team, etc)
3. How many attempts does your specialty service make?
4. If the specialty service is unsuccessful what is the next step in your hospital?

If anyone has any policies, protocols, tools or instruments that you think would be helpful to us we would really appreciate it! Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Thank you!

 The 2016 INS Standards state

 The 2016 INS Standards state that 1 clinician should attempt no more than 2 times for a PIV. Failure means 1 more clincian can attempt another 2 times for a total of 4 attempts. After that, the standards state that further assessment is required to create another plan of care for vascular access, meaning another type of vascular access. The current progression being promoted is USGPIV next. then choice of a midline, PICC or some other type of CVAD. Lynn

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