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maureen lawler
Pedi Central Line Flush Chart
Any one out there willing to share what they have??
Angela Lee
Are you looking for volumes
Are you looking for volumes or concentrations or technique?  Can you be more specific? Our procedures vary a bit according to type of CVL and patient size.
maureen lawler
I'll take whatever you

I'll take whatever you have.  We want to put together a "flush chart" for PICCS, implanted VADs, and Broviacs.  Do you use 10 or 100u/mL heparin?  Thanks for any help!

Maureen Lawler CRNI

Clinical Leader Venous Access Team

Salem Hospital

North Shore Medical Center

Salem, Ma 01970

Anne Marie Frey
Does everyone know that

Does everyone know that there is an INS national task force going on for making recommendations for flushing lines in adults and neonates/peds? We have been having multiple meetings/email forums/conference calls all year and the results will be presented at the May INS meeting.  I was on the neonatal/peds segment of this task force with two wonderful experts, Janet Pettit and Anne Swanson.  As much as possible, we tried to use evidence based practice to develop our final guidelines.     Anne Marie Frey RN, BSN, CRNI

Clinical Nurse Level Four

Vascular Access Service: I.V. Team

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

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