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Patient Education Handout
We are working on a project to increase Press Ganey scores in the "Tests and Treatment" section of the satisfaction survey.  Is anyone giving a "Patient Education" pamphlet out with tips of what to look for, what to report to the nurse and how to contact the IV Team with problem PIV's?  Any prototypes of info would be helpful.  Thank you.  You can also email me at:  [email protected]
Julianne Jabon
I am on the PICC team of
I am on the PICC team of South GA Medical Center, and we have a patient education sheet we use for pt. education, and we tape it on the pt's wall with information on it for the staff and patient.  If you will send me a fax number, I can fax it to you next week.
Thank you, I would

Thank you, I would appreciate receiving a copy via fax:  203 855 3893.


I would like a copy: 
I would like a copy:  [email protected]
Hi, I would also like a

Hi, I would also like a copy, [email protected]





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