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Patient Education discharge instructions

I am in the process of re-writing our patient education materials that we use in our outpatient infusion center. I would like to see what others facilities are using for their discharge education specifically post PICC removal. We remove a lot of PICC lines for our patients and also for the home health agencies and MD offices that send patients for PICC removal.  Should any one like to share their discharge education materials that are evidence based, I would appreciate your information.  Thank You

I don't have anything to

I don't have anything to share but would be interested in seeing what others have also. We are about to begin developing our own discharge instructions for the Infusion Center and it would be great to see what others out there are using.

I don't have a document to

I don't have a document to share but can add that I have seen numerous legal cases where discharge instructions was a huge omitted piece. In view of the fact that post-infusion phlebitis/thrombophlebitis can be a problem days after catheter removal, this is a critical piece. Also, infiltration extravasation injuries from the ED or other outpatient depts is a problem because the patient does not know what to do when the swelling gets so bad that it causes nerve injuries. So you need to educate about tingling, numbness, etc. So all signs and symptoms of all complications need to be included with instructions on what the patient should do and who they should call or go to see and within what time frame. Glad to see you are working on this. Lynn

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