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 Any suggestions for an air eliminating filter that works well with infusing propofol or giving a blood transfusion to identified adult patients with a know PFO and a  central or PICC line?

Propofol is a lipid based

Propofol is a lipid based drug and requires a filter of at least 5 microns. I am not aware of any inline filters of this pore size that are also air eliminating. Blood products requires a special filter designed for the specific blood product. Packed RBCs may be infused with a standard filter size of 170 to 220 microns or a microaggregate filter of ~40 microns or a leukocyte-reducing filter measured by the amount of WBCs removed. None of these will eliminate air. So these situations require the nurse to be extremely vigilant in preventing air from entering the infusion system. No filters with air eliminating properties can be used for these fluids. Lynn

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