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Parenteral Nutrition

Still having some pushback regarding the need for a "virgin" line for parenteral nutrition.  Is a "virgin line" a requirement?  If a line is "dedicated" for nutrition, what and how much flush is required prior to initiating nutrition?  If blood components were previously infused via the now-dedicated line, is vigorous flushing all that is required prior to dedicating the line for nutrition?  Any references I can provide for the MD with questions/concerns?  Thank you all for any information and support you can provide.  Your input is greatly appreciated.

I have never seen the phrase

I have never seen the phrase "virgin line" in any literature nor have I ever seen this concept described without the name. There is no amount of flushing that will rid the catheter of any biofilm/fibrin that is already present within the catheter. But that does not mean that the patient must suffer the pain, discomfort and cost of having a new line put in just so they can get some type of PN. Again, why is this doctor not showing you his/her references for their position? Lynn

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