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Order sets for flushing central lines

I am looking to avoid reinventing the wheel!  

Does anyone have an standardized order set that addresses all the different types of IVs (CLs, ports, PICCs, PIVs etc) and their flushing requirements to share?  You can email a copy to me at [email protected] or post it here. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

Lesha Seaver  RN

Liberty Hospital, Liberty, MO

Craig Farris RN CRNI

A couple of years ago the Missouri Home Infusion Assoiciation met and formulated a standard set of guidelines to give to the home health agancies we work with.  You can find it at under the links key. Keep in mind that the new standards from INS are due out next year.  Hope this will help  Craig

Craig Farris RN, CRNI

Clinical Nurse liaison

mary ann ferrannini
 You can also use the INS

 You can also use the INS catheter flushing guidelines cards

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