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An OMG moment

I was inserting a PICC and afterpassing it theough the introducer I lost patency. I retracted it some and checked patency and found that i aslo could not flush it. I manipulated it to no avail. Finally I went to remove it and found that I could not. I removed the introducer over the catheter and the catheter came out. To my amazement, the end was in a complete knot!!!! I understand how it could happen, but in over 5K insertions, I have never seen it. But when I saw it all I could think was OMG!!!

Have done the same

Have done the same thing....but mine was not a OMG moment....more like a holy #%*!.....but everyone lived to tell the story can and does happen.  It's what you do during and after you identify the issue that makes you a professional.

Tim Royer published on this art...

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