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Nurse involvement in selecting new hosptal equipment


I am a design researcher out of Pittsburgh, PA. I've recently been doing quite a bit of research to try to understand a nurse's role in making the decision to purchase new equipment to work with on the floor.  It's my understanding that this process varies between facilities across the US, but I was hoping that some professionals on this forum might be able to tell me about the process you go through at your facility. Are you involved in the decision making process?  What kind of criteria do you use to select new equipment?  Who else is involved in this decision?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!



The process is very different

The process is very different for disposable products versus capital equipment. Which are you asking about? Lynn

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Process for acquiring capital equipment

Thank you, Lynn. Sorry for not clarifying, yes, I'm referring to heavy duty capital equipment.  However, since you brought it up, it would be helpful to hear about just how different the process would be between the two areas!



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