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Nancy Crouch
Number of lumens needed?
Our hospital is interested in developing criteria for the number of lumens needed when we place a PICC. Our floor nurses insist on double or triple lumens so they have  an extra port.  I am wondering if anyone has criteria in place for assessing the number of lumens needed.  It may support our PICC nurses when they want tp place only a sinlge or double lumen PICC.  I know we are to place the smalllest guage possible.
I believe you should always
I believe you should always go with the fewest number possible for infection reasons and also typically able to go with smaller Fr. size the fewer lumens that are needed. Evaluate the patient and see what they need. A patient going home with several weeks of abx. should be fine with a 4 Fr. single lumen. However a patient in the ICU on dopamine, TPN, abx's, etc. probably needs a triple. My point is the criteria should be to evaluate the patient and go with the fewest number of lumens possible.
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