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val wortley
non ported peripheral cannulae

This may seem very outdated to all of you who use non ported cannulae and have been doing for many many years but some of us in the UK are still trying to switch from ported to non ported cannulae and meeting considerable resistance from medical colleagues.

I have switched most of our hospital but a determined anaesthetist is blocking me whenever she can. She wants hard scientific evidence that this switch is beneficial as far as infection rates, all I can find is very old data.

Do any of you remember what was your initial catalyst for change, do you have any stats to back a change from ported to non ported?

All advice gratefully accepted.

Val Wortley

Vascular Access CNS




My clinical practice with

My clinical practice with infusion therapy began about 40 years ago and I have never seen the use of a ported peripheral catheter in the US. While working in the UAE in 1980, I saw their use but was not impressed. So I am not aware of any literature from the origination of this type of catheter that caused us in the USA to switch away from this design. I have been reading the infusion and catheter literature for the past 40 years and do not recall every seeing such a study. I have just finished a systematic lit review of infection and short peripheral catheters where I examined the literature over the past 10 years. There is one article from the UK on this issue

Easterlow D, Hoddinott P, Harrison S. Implementing and standardising the use of peripheral vascular access devices. J Clin Nurs. Mar 2010;19(5-6):721-727.


Hope this helps. Good luck with your efforts as I strongly believe these catheters are dangerous. Lynn

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val wortley
non ported peripheral cannulae

Thanks for your reply Lynn,

Your answer was as I suspected from my time in the US 15 years ago when I only saw non ported used.

I guess I will have to keep arguing my case


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