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Nexiva IV catheter
We are currently converting to the BD Nexiva IV catheter system, I would like to know if any other facilities are are using this catheter, and how you are doing with it? Thanks, Robin
raye dillon
we are using it and have
we are using it and have mixed opinions. we have definately seen an increase in the number of sticks to get access and the connector extension is really heavy and puts a lot of tension on the iv site. also you tend to get a lot of blood in the threads of the cap if you connect a syringe to the extension for initial lab draws. you have to put the cap on first and then connect the syringe. they definately take some getting used to. i will say the company has been very eager to hear feedback to make improvements so we will see what happens. on the positive side they really draw lab work well.
we are rolling out now. Did
we are rolling out now. Did a trial last spriing and had a 96% approval rate. I don't find a problem with the extension being heavy and in fact that is one of the satisfiers of the line in that it is pretty "bloodless". Our problem is that because of materials management in our system and the fact that IV caps have been such a controversial and difficult accession in the past, they want us to take off the q-sites and replace with claves. I am attempting to squelch that idea. Reasons being infection risk with excess manipulation, increased nursing time and trouble, and increased cost. Any other arguement suggestions would be appreciated.
marilyn currey
We having started using this
We having started using this catheter in our facility and the nurses are complaining that they are having difficulty inserting this catheter stating they are "blowing a lot of veins". I suspect this is a technique issue. can anyone give me some tips re: insertion technique.
Linda Lembo
We started to roll out the

We started to roll out the NEXIVA in July. We have had a great deal of push back from Anesthesia and some of the nursing units.

Has anyone mentioned an increase in pain with the insertions?

linda NJ

Linda Lembo CRNI

Valley Hospital

Ridgewood, New Jersey

We are using the Nexvia's
We are using the Nexvia's from B-D due to our 16 splice CT scan, we had some trouble getting used to cath's but for most part ok, 24 guage is still a task, staff nurses still are having trouble but company has been great about inservices. We use buffered lidocaine for all starts. Helps with insertin pain especially when canulating with larger guages
We are looking at using this
We are looking at using this catheter in the near future due to our ct scaner as well. Our concern is ease of insertion, and the learning curve involved.
holly hess
I was wondering if anyone

I was wondering if anyone has feedback on the Nexiva IV catheter system...either those that were rolling it out last year and responded to this thread at that time, or anyone else, especially peds



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