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Rhonda Wojtas
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I just joined this network. I am currently starting a PICC line team at my hospital. We are still in the early stages of getting our program up and running. I am looking forward to being able to have a community to work with to help our team become successful.
Wendy Erickson RN
You have come to right
You have come to right place! You will find a wealth of knowledge to tap into on this site and access to policies, quick answers to questions, and pretty much anything you want to know!  I would encourage you to join the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) and/or the Association for Vascular Access (AVA).  There are many benefits to membership, their journals are excellent and the conferences are outstanding!  Good luck in getting your program going.  I would be happy to help in any way I can - you can email me privately at [email protected]

Wendy Erickson RN
Eau Claire WI

rivka livni
Good Luck, you will find

Good Luck, you will find this site very helpfull, I have done PICC for over 5 years and still learn from this site.

I will encourage you to get your Radiology department to support your program, esp if you are in a teaching hospital, get the chest radiologists on board to get your PICC nurses a quick read on the CXR results.

Your biggest challange will be teaching, teaching and more teaching of the hospital nursing staff on the care and management of the PICC.

PICCs are fun, the patients love them, hopefully everyone else will ove them too.


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