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New bag and new tubing for newly placed central catheter

 A question to the group:

It is our practice to use a new tubing and a bag for the newly placed central catheter. Recently I was questioned by our staff if this is an evidenced based practice. I tried to find any reference and have not found yet. I would like to know how other hospitals are dealing with this issue? Are there any evidence based reference?

Toshi Holland NP

Vascular Access Coordinator

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland

 The evidence for this

 The evidence for this standard of practice is found in the rates of colonization (aka biofilm) in needleless connectors and all catheter lumens. Up to 25% of peripheral catheters are colonized upon removal. These organisms are easily transferred to the new catheter where new biofilm begins to grow. Given our current shortage of common IV fluids, you might be forced to transfer a bag of fluids from the old catheter to the new, but I would not recommend using old IV sets on the new. This change is included in the INS standards of practice. Lynn

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 Did studies show that tubing

 Did studies show that tubing was colonized or the catheter itself?

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