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Robbin George

The only vesicant antidote we have listed in our Peripheral IV policy is the administration of Regitine for Dopamine infiltration (Chemotherapuetic infiltrate policy is separate)--The question is are there any other drug extravasations we should be addressing in the Policy and if so what is the source material for treatment--Thank You in Advance of your responses 

Deb Gnegy
I'm also interested in this
I'm also interested in this info.  We need an extravasation policy for non-chemo vesicants & irritants.  We'd also like to provide a quick reference treatment chart and introduce it with an educational campaign reminding nurses to leave the PIV in place for instillation of the neutralizing agent.   Deb


This article contains the

This article contains the information you need including a protocol for management of infiltration and extravasation:

1.    Hadaway L. Emergency: Infiltration and Extravasation - Preventing a complication of IV catheterization. American Journal of Nursing. 2007;107(8):64-72.

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