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Neonatal PIV

Was wondering if anyone had information about PSI limits on neonatal PIVs?  Is this based on the catheter used or does the vein have limits as well?  We are switching over to new IV pumps that allows us to set limits.  If there are any articles or references I can be directed to I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

The PSI limit of your new

The PSI limit of your new Pumps will have to be set high enough to overcome the resistance of the small intraluminal diameter.  The PSI of pumps is determined by the flow rate and tubing resistance.  Resistance is a factor of viscosity, length and most of all internal diameter.  If you are using short peripherals one thing but silicone PICCs or CVCs another issue.  It does not seem logical but you will need to adjust the PSI to minimize alarms. A pump occlusion alarm actually signifies downstream resistance has increased to a specific level.  Baxter has an online program on the physics of flow.  It is free.


Denise Macklin

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