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Need feed back some issues.`

 I would appreciate any comments or literature support.

Do you require staff to wear a mask when changing caps on central lines?  Cannot find any research to support that action.

How frequently do you require the nurse to assess a continous infusion? Due to difficulty with computer charting ours was changed to q 8 or q12 and I asked for it to be changed.

We use computer scanning for medication administration.  Does anyone require saline to be scanned when following SAS protocol?

NS flush bags being hung rather than flushing with saline syringe after frequent medication administration.





I have a comment on the
I have a comment on the saline bag vs saline syringe issue.  If you figure the rate per hour of infusion/flushing with a saline bag (even wide open) vs. a flush, you will find a huge difference.  If you figure 1 ml / second with the syringe, you end up flushing as a rate of 3,600 ml/hr.  That''s an eye-popping figure for most nurses.
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