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multiple lumen central lines and TPN

Do you run other fluids with TPN via multilumen central lines? This question has come up and we are aware that the CDC guidelines from 2002 recommend to not run other fluids in multilumen central lines when TPN is running as it poses an infection risk. It makes sense to interrupt the TPN if you have to give another med such as an antibiotic especially if the patient has poor peripheral access issues. I appreciate any thoughts on this and/or recommendations.

The answer lies in the number

The answer lies in the number of lumens in the available catheter. If any type of PN is prescribed, a multiple lumen catheter is definitely indicated so that one lumen can be devoted entirely and completely to nothing but the PN. All other infusions must be infused through the other lumens. If you only have a single lumen catheter, you should use peripheral veins to infuse other meds as ordered and leave the single lumen CVC for nothing but the PN. This recommendation is based on infection prevention - increased manipulation of the hub and lumen increase risk of contamination and subsequent infection - and drug stability and compatibility - many drugs are incompatibile with PN. I think you are not correctly interpreting the CDC guidelines. I have never seen such as statement about PN and multiple lumen catheters in that document.

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