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Multi-Lumens VS single ...overkill for needed therapy!

Anyone got a quick reference or two related to using the smallest catheter needed and least number of lumens needed to complete therapy?  Got a Dr challanging me related to putting a single luman VS muti-lumen for single agent abx therapy.  I have stressed smallest size and least # of lumens needed to completed therapy but he wants a paper in his hand.  I will do the review but looking for a quick fix.

There are several research

There are several research studies showing that multiple lumens increases the risk of CRBSI. Lynn

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Gwen Irwin
Multi-lumen vs. single

 We quote the CDC guidelines about the fewest lumens that will accomplish therapy and discuss with doctors frequentlly.  We do not put in more lumens that the therapy indicates.

The smallest catheter issue becomes related to the INS standards.  The other issue is the assessment of the vein size.  If the vein size will not accommodate a larger catheter, we will not insert the larger catheter regardless of the incompatibles and the need for more lumens.  We have that discussion with the doctors also, and discuss best vascular access options for that patient.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

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