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mst galt wire

would like opinion on mst galt wire vs wire included with picc or midline kit. I find the wires that are included with line are filmsy making it difficult to get a good feel during insertion.


Highly recommend trying it out. Excellent wire, however personal preference varies.


The MST wire you are probably talking about is the .018" x 40cm Nitinol Mandrel with the soft tip. PICC kits vary as to what are included and some are made to customer preference. Your choice is basically between this type of wire or a stainless steel wire. Personally, it took me a while to get used to the Nitinol wire. I found it very stiff and difficult to advance. I liked the stainless wire feel but it did get "junked up" easily. I think the trick to the Nitinol wire is just to make sure you drop that needle down before advacing the mst wire. The stiffness of the Nitinol makes it difficult to make a sharp turn from wire to vein. I wish that they would make that wire soft on both ends as well. I have seen nursed coil up one end of the wire then flip it around to use the other end. Some of the stainless wire have double soft tips. The back end of the Nitinol is quite sharp and could easily pucture a vessel wall.

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