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Midline infusates

Does anyone have a list of  commonly used medicines that are accceptable to be used thru a Midline ?



Since a Midline is a long

Since a Midline is a long peripheral line you should never infuse a vesicant medication through it. So, any medication that is a nonvesicant can be administered in a Midline. Hope this helps.
Valorie Dunn, BSN, RN, CRNI

Valorie Dunn,BSN, RN, CRNI, PLNC

Midline infusions

The 2016 Infusion Nurses Society Standards of Practice will provide you with guidelines for therapies appropriate for midlines.

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jill nolte
INS list

have you seen the recently released list of non-cytotoxic irritants? What can safely be infused through a midline is an ongoing discussion, I doubt anyone will give you absolutes. There are too many variable, length of therapy, condition of the vasculature, catheter to vein ratio, etc. etc. etc.

 Totally agree with Jill. A

 Totally agree with Jill. A list of drugs for infusion through a midline is not a good idea because there are many more factors than just the drug itself. Giving a potassium rider through a midline might be acceptable through a midline if there is a blood return and total absense of any signs or symptoms. Once the blood return is lost it would not be accepteable for any potassium infusion IMHO. This is just one example but there are many more. Lynn

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You will find a brief list on the INS Learning Center website

Timothy R. Spencer, RN, APN, DipAppSci, BH, ICU Cert, VA-BC™
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