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I was alerted by a floor nurse in our facility that a patient had been admitted with a midine. The patient had a midline catheter alright, but it was located in her right lateral  lower forearm!!!  Anybody ever hear of this??  It was inserted at the nursing home facility she was at,but we didn't feel comfortable leaving it in (even though it was running ok).  Anyone have any experience with this?  All the literature I have researched states a midline should be placed in the antecubital so it is at least in a larger diameter vein.


You are correct. What you

You are correct. What you have is a midline catheter in a small peripheral vein. This is not the midline tip location which is at the level with the axilla in either the basilic (preferred), cephalic or brachial vein. The insertion site should be above the AC (preferred) or in the AC. Lynn

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mary ann ferrannini
I would have taken it out as

I would have taken it out as well as it clearly does meet the guidelines for a midline. You most likely would have seen a phlebitis,at least a mechanical one and perhaps chemical depending upon a lot of variables

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