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mask with Implanted Port

Hi everyone,       Our current policy does not require surg mask for accessing Ports. INS recommends we should. CDC has no guidline that I could find. I wanted to ask INS for a reference for evidence for this practice, but all are at the meeting in FL. If there are any IV folks not at INS at the beach, are you aware of evidence/ references to support wearing masks for Port access. thanks

Masks are part of the maximum

Masks are part of the maximum barriers for CVAD insertion. Many are using this rationale to say that we need to use a mask when performing any sterile procedure with a CVAD. I am not aware of any specific studies for this, however, think about the microorganisms in the human mouth. Think about the fact that these organisms can easily become airborne when we talk and we are usually talking to the patient during these procedures. Lynn

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