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Litigation with PICCs by Practioner-08/16/2011

Hello Lynn and Vascular Access Community,

Do you have a good resource for me to tap into to obtain statistical or other information regarding PICC/CVC litigation especially by practitioner type.  I am especially interested in cases that involove *non-RN* personnel.

Many thanks!


Sorry but no I don't know of

Sorry but no I don't know of such a database. Ann Zonderman, a nurse-attorney, may have some ideas for you. You may never find such a database. Most cases never go to trial, therefore any settlement or information about the case remains private. I am not sure if they have a way to get into any of the legal databases. Just as a reference point, over the past 15 years, I have probably reviewed about 175 cases. That is not many. But I have give a deposition in about 35 of those cases and only 3 times have testified at trial. So only those 3 cases would be in the public domain. Lynn

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not going to find it

There is no real data base.  I only know of one data base and it is being done by anesthesia.  CVC and PIV based for judgement awards and cases reported that go to litigation.


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