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Leann Kennedy
Liability for IR PICC placement

Hi everyone!

So I had to ask our radiologist to help me place a PICC under fluro that wasn't willing to go anywhere else but back down the arm.  When I got there, he told me he would "push the pedal only"--now sterile gloves, gown, nothing.  I literally did the entire procedure--contrast, using a smaller wire then advancing a PICC over it, etc.  Luckily, I felt comfortable doing so, but are we legally able to do this stuff?  I don't think so, but I was hoping someone out there knew one way or the other.  I know we can't fluro without a license, but the other stuff...any one?


mary ann ferrannini
I hope he wore a mask an did
I hope he wore a mask an did not enter into your sterile field. OK I admit I have done this a radiologist before we had bedside Ultrasound. You placed the PICC and since the radiologist was in attendance and pushed the pedal and would have adviced you if he saw a malposition he was really responsible for that component of it. Likewise,you could have advised him had he did anything that compromised your nursing care. Yes, I have pushed contrast many times,as have radiology nurses. Perhaps the radiologist was unable to perform the procedure or was unfamiliar with that product. Why was he so uncooperative? 
The most important thing you

The most important thing you need to check is your state board of nursing for any declaratory rulings or advisory opinions about this practice. If your state is one that uses a scope of practice decision tree, then you and your employer can use that process to make your own decisions about your scope of practice. If your state does not use this decision tree, then you will need to learn how they make decisions about scope of practice and what you will need to do to make sure you are practicing within your scope.

The next thing you must have is hospital policies and procedures to cover you for your practice.  


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