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Leaking PICC exit Site

A PICC was placed about two weeks ago. In last few days, it started to leak what appeared to be from the exit site. Co-worker did a over the wire exchange and it is leaking again. First of all why would it leak from the exit site and what is the best course of action to correct.


Debra Rivie VAT RN

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Long Beach, CA

 Numerous causes of leaking.

 Numerous causes of leaking. First eliminate the fact that this could be external perspiration under dressing. What color is the fluid? Actual leak could be from a damage catheter close to the insertion site. It could also be retrograde flow due to a complete fibrin sheath. Color Duplex Ultrasound to rule out vein thrombosis leading to retrograde flow. Dye sstudy to determine catheter damage and actual fluid flow pathway. Lynn

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