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Lab draws from PICC infusing Heparin

When you have a PICC or chest placed CVC that is infusing a heparin drip, is it acceptable to draw PTT from that line? (if single lumen or even from a double or triple lumen)  If so, do you flush with at least 20mls NS? If not, please state why and either way, please state references....Thanks much! Cindy Hunchusky, RN-Harris Methodist Hospital, Fort Worth, TX

You should not draw coag
You should not draw coag studies from a lumen infusing heparin or flushed with a heparin lock solution. If a multiple lumen catheter, stop all infusion through all lumens for at least one full minute before drawing from another lumen. I can not copy and paste references from my databases into the forum, sorry. Lynn

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