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IVPB tubings for multiple IVAB's

Does anyone know of an evidence based study on the practice of using the "backflow" technique to clear IVPB lines prior to hanging a different IVPB tubing?

The main issue here~ maintaining a "closed-system".

 Thank you in advance!

Raquel M. Hoag, CRNI


Several years ago, I wrote a

Several years ago, I wrote a column about this in Nursing. I could not find anything then except the instructions from the tubing manufacturers. I believe this to be a safe practice as long as you are considering the compatibility between any meds in the primary fluid and the piggybacked meds. For this reason, many hospitals piggback into plain saline and then attach the saline line to the primary infusion. back priming radically saves on tubing costs and it allows you to adhere to the INS standards by leaving the tubing all connected together.  


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