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Chris C
IVF flow rate chart

Does anyone have a chart that says the maximum flow rate that can go into PIV catheters?   I am looking for rationale for NOT needing an 18 gage PIV to give large volumes of fluid.  I have seen a chart before, I believe on this sight, but cannot find it right now.  Thanks,

Chris C 

Chris,  You will need to


You will need to obtain that information for each brand of PIV catheter. The lumen diameter is what dictates this flow rate and they may vary slightly for each brand. This data is the way to show what each brand is capable of delivering. Older catheter manufacturing processes had a smaller lumen size, but polyurethane makes smaller walls possible, and this increases lumen size. Also, catheter flow rate data should include the type of fluid (D5W or NS, etc), the head height of the container,  and the fluid temperature. All can impact flow rates and product comparison requires that those factors be equal. These tests are done in a lab with an open fluid pathway. Once inside a patient, there are numerous factors that can affect the flow rate.

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Gwen Irwin
I have so much fun with

I have so much fun with this.  It does depend on the brand of the catheter that you use.  We use the BD Insyte Autoguard.  The label on the catheters of this brand say what the delivery rate is per minute.  With a 20 guage catheter the manufacturer rate is more than any typical patient would need.  I don't have the numbers at home with me.

The 18 gauge catheter for this brand is about 3600 per hour.  I hope that I am remembering the numbers right.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas 

kathy mohn-las vegas-One of

kathy mohn-las vegas-One of the problems with this situation is that many

manufacturers use a mL/min on their PIV package wrappers and a lot of

Doctors blush profusely when I point out to them that this figure needs

to be multiplied by 60 to get an hourly rate.  A few of them even change their

tune and demands about how big an IV catheter they want-especially when you point the needle at them and ask them to imagine that catheter going throught their skin.  Amzaing.

Kathy Mohn

kathy mohn-las vegas

FYI ;  Flow rates for BD

FYI ;  Flow rates for BD Insyte catheters: 


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Nancy Rose 

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