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IV therapy help for Presentation
Hello Everyone!  I am writing to find information on IV therapy.  I am currently doing a preceptorship and need to find documentation (noted from my faculty instructor) on a new policy stating that nurses now have to document the"exact" vein used for IV insertion.  Is there a policy? if so, where would I find this information?  Where could I find additional information with rational concerning using an alcohol pad to clean site on IV tubing prior to administering medications? 
All aspects of what you are

All aspects of what you are seeking can be found in the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice from the Infusion Nurses Society. Go to to purchase this book. 

 The standard states that documentation must include:

"Identification of the insertion site by anatomical drescriptors, landmarks, or appropriately marked drawings." 

This means that "left hand" or "right forearm" is not sufficient. It also means that if you simply stated the "left cephalic vein" this could mean anywhere from just above the thumb throughout the entire length of the upper extremity to the shoulder. 

The Guidelines for Prevention of Intravascular Device Related Infection addresses cleaning the injection site or needleless connector although it does not state how this should be accomplished. It does state that all devices used to access all catheters must be sterile. You can find this document at 



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