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IV TEAM Questions

Good Mornng,

I wonder if anyone has the answers to my two questions regarding IV Teams:

1.  How many IV Teams are there in the United States?

2.  How many IV's does the average IV Team Nurse and non-IV Team Nurse start in a day?


Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Elizabeth Lijewski, RN

To my knowledge, no one had

To my knowledge, no one had ever been able to answer these questions. For the number of IV teams, this is a most difficult question to answer because there is no single model for IV teams. It can range from one infusion nurse specialist in a small hospital to a full service 24/7 team in a large hospital. So even a survey of hospitals with a yes/no on the presence of a team would not tell us much about their structure, scope of services, etc. For the number of sticks, there is a little information about this. My presentation at this year's INS conference had a chart of the number of sticks reported in the literature. Lynn

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IV Team Question

Thanks very much Lynn!

Is it possible to obtain a copy of your presentation, or the slides pertienent to my questions?

Any information you can share is much appreciated.  Thank you again.


Elizabeth Lijewski


A RN who works 40 hours a week what is the volume of average sticks:

Floor patients where RN must travel patient to patient - time and motion has to look at travel time

Most studies give it 20 minutes per IV start from walk to read chart - do procedure - clean up and chart

(3) an hour with a mzx of 24 in a day if they do nothing else

In an OR setting wiht hardley any travel I would expect double the productiivity of 6 per hour or 48 per eight hour day

As far as traditional IV Teams that do it all what is the percentage.  If I had to guess I would say 1 out of every 5 hospitals has a team that is a full service team doing it all more or less.  They are disappearing fast this year.


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