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IV Pump for Blood Transfusions

Hi Everyone

I work in outpatient Infusion Center and was just made aware that the Baxter pump we are usiing is a "rolling pump" that damages the red cells. Is anyone using a IV pump for transfusion that doesn't damage the red cells?

Anne Marie Frey
We use an Alaris Pump for

We use an Alaris Pump for transfusions.  Rolling pumps don't necessarily all damage the red cells and the company should provide you with documentation that transfusions fo packed cells can be safely given on their device with a minimum of damange to the cells.  Anne Marie Frey RN, BSN, CRNI

Clinical Nurse Level Four

Vascular Access Service: I.V. Team

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Anne Marie Frey RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC Clinical Expert Vascular Access Service: I.V. Team The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia [email protected]

Gwen Irwin
The Hospira pumps are FDA

The Hospira pumps are FDA approved for blood transfusion.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

Abbott Plum pumps are
Abbott Plum pumps are approved for blood infusion as well.
I am attempting to change

I am attempting to change our policy for infusing blood through our Baxter Colleague infusion pump, as it sometimes takes longer than the "allowed" time to infuse a unit of packed cells. I wrote to Baxter and they provided me with a letter demonstrating the safety of infusing blood with their pump. You might want to do the same. I  will now take this evidence to the Practice Counil and hopefully have our policy changed to allow blood to be infused through the pump(at least when a sluggish flow)


At Adventist Medical Center
At Adventist Medical Center we use Alaris IV pumps to infuse all blood--if it is not red we use gravity flow blood component sets .
Janine Pritchett
We use the Abbot/Hospira

We use the Abbot/Hospira plum pumps without any problems with blood or blood products.  They work great!

Janine Pritchett, RNC, BSN

Mary Bridge Children's Hospital

IV Team

Tacoma Washington

Janine Pritchett, RN-BC, BSN, VA-BC
Clinical Educator - Vascular Access

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