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IV Panhematin®

any homecare giving IV Panhematin® at home? I have a pt receiving Panhematin 3xw in outpt infusion center and wants to start getting it at home.  all the literature I can find says this medication should only be given in a hospital or clinic setting where you can be monitored closely. The physician wrote a letter to the insurance company saying he thinks it's safe for home administration (has been getting it for several years) just wondered if anyone else is familiar and comfortable with it as a home med.

deb riley rn, crni

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Nancy L. DuBois
Nancy DuBois, CRNI,

Nancy DuBois, CRNI, MSN

Jefferson Home Infusion Service has several patients with porphyria for which PanHematin is administered routinely at home every 2 - 4 weeks dependent on the clinical condition of the patient and the physician's orders.  We have managed several patients for over 10 years with home infusions of the drug and have experienced relatively few clinical challenges.  The number one challenge that comes to mind is that because the drug is so viscous, these patients are at risk for occlusions of their lines and subsequent thrombotic events.  The drug, coupled with the disease process places them at risk for these events.  It is essential to work with a physician who will listen when infusion RN's call with concerns regarding the status of the patient's venous access device.  Prompt assessment of the device and pharmacologic intervention can save the patient from loss of the device and a day or two of hospitalization.   

If desired, we could share our home infusion policy for administration of pan hematin and competency validation tool.   

Nancy DuBois, CRNI, MSN 

Nancy DuBois, CRNI, MSN


Nancy - I have been trying to find an infusion agency in Michigan that will provide this service but they are state that they have no policies for home administration.  Is this something you could share.  Thank you.

Policy and competency



I would like to get a copy of that policy and validation tool as well. I've been seeing a patient with that infusion and our main challenge has been sensitivity reaction similar to IVIg. My email is [email protected]. Thanks for that.


Angelo Aguila

Mills-Peninsula Health Service

Burlingame, CA 

Angelo M. Aguila, MSN, RN, VA-BC
Vascular Access Nurse
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