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IV extension tubing
My hospital  uses  an IV extension set with a fused needleless adaptor on it.  For intermittent tubing changes at 24 hours would this  extension set  need to be changed?  This would mean we would have to manipulate the catheter hub for tubing changes.  I am having difficulty understanding what many use as their extension sets.  As I said our extension sets have a fused needleless adaptor as part of them.  Thank you for any help with understanding this.
This extension set is

This extension set is attached to the catheter and is only changed when the catheter itself is changed. The IV administration set used for intermittent medication should be changed every 24 hours because there are no studies supporting use beyond this point. All studies on IV sets have been done with continuous infusion sets only. While CDC guidelines do not make a difference between continuous and intermittent use, Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice do draw this distinction because intermittent sets are manipulated on both ends with each dose of medication. 

Any type of short extension set will work for a short peripheral IV catheter. Some have the needleless connector permanently attached and some do not. This extension set is consider to be part of the catheter once it is attached. You are correct that changing it would mean excessive catheter manipulation and increased risk of complications. 

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