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Pam Bischoff
IV Device for filtering air

  Does anyone know of a device to attach to IV tubing that prevents ANY air bubbles from passing?  This is in regard to a patient with a patent foramen ovale who states the Mayo Clinic uses this when he is there. I do not know of any filters other than the particulate matter filters for TPN. Look forward to your respones.

 All brands of inline IV

 All brands of inline IV filters are air eliminating in addition to removing particulate matter. Manufacturers include Pall Medical, Baxter, Hospira, and B Braun, in no particular order. These can be purchased as an add-on device or built into the IV set. The IV set you are using for parenteral nutrition currently has the filter you need. This should be a 0.22 micron filter. It is much more than what is labelled as a "particulate matter" filter. A particulate matter filter is a small device that has a 5 micron filter pore size and does not remove air. Check the specific produce labels and Read the chapter on Infusion Equipment in the INS Textbook. Lynn

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