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I/O device

Hello All!

Is anyone placing I/O access on adults in the inpatient setting? What device are you using?

We have a manual type needle on our crash carts. I have attempted placement twice and have never been able to insert it. The needle bends (!).

Is this a brand issue? User issue? 

We have recieved training and I reviewed the manual. I anyone EVER able to manually place these on adults? 

I am beginning to think we must have the drill-type placment.....or I need to hit the gym!




Bone injection Gun

Hello Martha. I think I replied to one of your links about this but here is the link for the Bone Injection Gun (BIG). Very easy learning curve, spring loaded so all you do is locate the proper place and push the button.


Laura Dosen



Our facility moved to the EZIO Bone Dirll over 3 years ago.  It was intended initially for our Pediatric population, but it's value was identified early on and it is not kept on our Rapid Response and Code cart.  It is relatively easy to use and can get your access initiated in seconds.  It has a infection rate of less than 1% so phenominal in that respect.  Currently only our Physicians insert, but with AHA strongly recommending htis site in both their ACLS and Pals classes and the IV Nursing Association strongly supporting, hopefully somewhere in the future we will see us RN's inserting. You can go to YouTube and search EZIO and you should find plenty of informtaion.



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