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Hannah Chatillon
intraosseous catheters


Does anyone have a policy or information related to intraosseous insertion, care and maintanence they would be willing to share? Our Pediatric ED is interested in inserting IOs and other staff will need to know how to care for them once they are placed. The product we will probably use will be the EZ IO.

Thanks for the help and information in advance.


Robbin George
This week a patient arrived

This week a patient arrived in ICU with an IO access--Of course the IV team was contacted--While a couple of us had seen a demonstration at the AVA conference and had even handled the drill mechanism we still had to call an ED nurse to show the staff how to properly remove the access--We definitely need to construct a P&P so I will be looking at this space for examples to mirror 

Robbin George RN VA-BC

Cherokee people
Hello, I thought this was


I thought this was very interesting when I went to the conference. So I gathered info to present to my hospital. We place PICCs on adults only and provide 24/7 coverage. The Intensivist I talked to didn't feel like there was a need since the IV Team is always available to place a PICC when needed.

For more information on IO therapy go to (maker of EZ-10) and 

I also found some good policies and procedures at Also google Mountain-Valley EMS Agency Policies and Procedure. Good luck to you!

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