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Robbin George
Intraluminal Brush

During our annual PICC review day the subject of indwelling catheter assessment came up in light of the new CMS guidelines for nonpayment of HAI--The ID doc was very interested in the concept of intraluminal brushing--I know this device is now available in the U.S.A. but I cannot locate a web site--Remember seeing a reference on IV-Therapy in the past--Could someone please re-post the link--Thank you in advance for your responses 

Gwen Irwin
I haven't seen this

I haven't seen this discussed in a long time.  I was wondering about the reults from teams using the intraluminal brush and their impact on BSIs.  Are there published studies on the impact of this product?  I am glad that you brought this topic to the forefront.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

Actually I did a

Actually I did a presentation on this last June at our local INS meeting. I am attaching the presentation that I did. CRS medical diagnostics, is the manufacturer.

her is the website, they have numerous studies for this product on the site.


Hope this helped, Robin


Karen Day
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Robin do you currently use


do you currently use this in your facility or know of any facility that does.  I am curious to see how effective it is in reducing the incidence of CVC's being pulled unnecessarily and the potential cost savings of not having to pull and replace CVC multiple times.  How does your ID MD, lab director, and other MD's feel about this procedure.  I agree with Gwen, would love to see some published studies on this product.  Thanks for the ppt and link, very informative and helpful.



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