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Pam Michael
Insertion related BSI's

What is the time frame that a BSI can be related to insertion, how many days out?

If anyone has the answer, what literature supports it.



"Catheter-Related Infections: It's All About Biofilm"

An article in Catheter-Related Infections: It's All About Biofilm
by Marcia Ryder has a paragraph about intraluminal vs. extraluminal biofilm. 
CRBSI’s occurring more than 10 days after insertion of a catheter are associated with the intraluminal biofilm. 
Extraluminal biofilm is associated with CRBSI’s that occur up to 4-10 days after catheter placement.

Here is a link to an answer to a similar question on this website.

/Tess M. Hopkins

magic number

There is no magic number that is firmly established.  Each case needs a root cause analysis to determine cause

Kathy Kokotis RN BS MBA

Bard Access Systems

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