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Insertion of PICC line during administration of Integrilin
I am interested in getting the opinions and experiences of others regarding PICC insertion during Integrilin therapy.  I have been unable to find any specific guidlelines in our facility's policy and procedure as to the safety of placing a PICC line on a patient during Integrilin therapy. The policy we have indicates that there is an increased risk of bleeding, and venous sticks should be minimized.  Our policy also states that IM injections, arterial and venous punctures should be avoided 12 hours after Integrilin therapy is discontinued. We have had occurrences, where physicians would not have a foley inserted in a patient on Integrilin and also where they stopped the Integrilin several hours prior to having the IV team place a PICC line.  Should PICC lines be inserted while Integrilin is infusing?
The answer lies in doing a

The answer lies in doing a risk vs benefit analysis for each patient and clinical situation. Any drug that has an impact on platelets and/or any other coagulation factor would fall into this same situation. Integrilin is a IIb/IIIa inhibitor of platelet aggregation. Read drug monograph in Gahart's Intravenous Medication for more information about patient monitoring during this drug administration. 

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