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Insertion Checklist

Who do you have as the second person in the room. Do you use Certified Nursing Aids to co sign the checklist?

Gwen Irwin
Insertion checklist

We don't have a 2nd person in the room.  We found that many RNs and CNAs don't recognize sterile technique nor do they recognize compliance with the bundle for CVC insertion.  

Our interpretation of the checklist doesn't require a 2nd person.  Also, our checklist doesn't require signatures.  We have been monitoring via the checklist for over 4 years.  To support that, we haven't had an insertion related BSI occur in that time period.  (BSIs if they occur are not within 72 to 120 hours of insertion.) 

We practiced the "checklist", before the checklist became the standard of practice.  Based on that, we made no changes.

Gwen Irwin

second person in the room

We use an RN or LPN. The assupmtion is that they were educated about sterile technique in nursing school.  Before we got on the bandwagon with a checklist, we used health techs as well. We have always had a second person in the room  with us to when a PICC was placed.                               

Nancy Rose 

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