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Peter Marino
Injecting isotopes into CVC's

Anyone know if there are contraindications for injecting radio isotopes through a CVC ? Nuc Med Dept refuses to use any CVC, only will use a PIV? Cardiac Stress Lab called for a PIV and didn't want to use a PICC. The isotope was Technetium.

I bevieve it is an issue of

I bevieve it is an issue of visual interference. Our nuc card and nuc med depts. don't use them as well. they explained to me that the medium "sticks" to the internal cath lumen and when imaging is performed, the "bright" line obscures other sensitive images that they are looking for. That is really as far as I looked into it, but believe it is only for imaging purposes.

Peter Marino
image obscuring

Thanks for that. I can find no other reasons for not using them with isotopes.

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G. Irwin
Injecting isotopes into CVC's

 The only time that I can remember a restriction was a nuc med study of shoulders.  The IV access had to be in the foot, to assure equal distribution of both shoulders.  Rad techs insisted on not using anything that was in the upper body.  Seemed weird to me.



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