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Initial PICC line dressing change post insertion

 Is everyone changing PICC line dressings 24 hours after initial insertion and then every 7 days?


 Carol Cubellis

Clinical Education

Cape Cod

Diana Griggs
This is our policy for home
This is our policy for home infusion but the hospital we get many referrals from are changing the first dressing 48 hours after insertion. They changed to 48 hours instead of 24 hour because they felt there was a lot of bleeding from the site with the earlier change. Diana
Gwen Irwin
We don't do a 24 hour

We don't do a 24 hour dressing change, since we started using the tapered catheters and the biopatch. 

We do a dressing change at 7 days, unless the biopatch is saturated more than 50 % as recommended by the manufacturer.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

Yes, we do a 24 hour change
Yes, we do a 24 hour change and apply Tegaderm CHG at that time(we no longer use Biopatch). We find that any bleeding at the the site from the dermatotomy has stopped. We then change the dressing  every 7 days and PRN. Our central line dressing kits contain a Tegaderm CHG in it.
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