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Infusion team reduction in staff

Due to economic situations, our hospital is cuting an already micro-team down to an unsafe level. We are going to fight this as best as we can. I have heard of time in motion studies and recommended times alloted to each vascular access procedure and infusion that nurses perform. Does anyone out there have info on this?

Our PICC manufacturer has been helping as best as they can with this matter. Is there anyone out there that for a small fee could look at the first six months of the year numbers and report what the number of FTEs would be a minimum number? It would be helpful if this did not come from a manufacturer as hospital administration is not trusting their advice.

Please contact me directly about specific help.

Jerry Gorman, RN BSN CRNI
[email protected]


It really depends on how many FTE's you currently have for what you do. It sounds like you have an infusion team that does more than place PICC lines. Are they suggesting that you give up PIV's? Or are they cutting the time to do a PICC line? I need more info to help you with how many FTE's are needed to do what you do. I am seeing IV Teams disbanded and PICC Teams salvaged. kathy

time and motion

You will find time and motion studies in chapter three of the Lippincott Intravenous Therapy book by INS and in the new edition but not sure the chapter number as well. It may be a matter that you have to priortize what is worth fighting for and what is worth giving up

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