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Infusing Dopamine thru a PIV?

Anyone can share their idea about this. I was informed by our hospital pharmacist that it is ok to run a Dopamine thru a PIV as long as it is less concentrated like 1600 mcg/mL.  What's the INS clear cut stand on this. In my opinion, regardless how subtle the concentration is, it will still cause some degree of damage if the medicine extravasated and did not get treated. Thanks.

The Infusion Nursing

The Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice will not provide you with a list of drugs that can and can not go through a PIV. Maintaining such a list would be virtually impossible because of new drugs coming to market. Also different types and amounts of diluent will alter the osmolarity. The standards do provide the criteria for meds that should not be infused through a PIV - osmolarity greater than 600, pH below 5 or above 9, and vesicants. Intravenous Medications gives the pH for dopamine between 2.5 and 5, plus it is a vesicant. So that is 2 reasons to have a central line. Lynn

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