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Infusate inflitration and compress type

Hello everyone,

 I was wondering if anyone has a chart or reference regarding what type of compress to use (warm or cool) related to the infusate in the event of infiltration?

 I would greatly appreciate your resources and examples.  Thank you in advance.

 Lorelle Wuerz, BS RN

You may also email me privately at [email protected]

Lorelle Wuerz BS, RN
Lorelle Wuerz BS, RN

Lorelle Wuerz BS, RN

Warm for vinca alkaloids and

Warm for vinca alkaloids and epipodophylotoxins

Cold for hypertonic fluids as heat will increase the interstitial fluids.

For small infiltrates of isotonic or hypotonic fluids, choose whatever makes the patient most comfortable or do nothing.  

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

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