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Carol Gosselin
Infusaport flushes

A question to the group. we have a pt with a chest port who has HIT. The question becomes can one maintain a port with saline only flushes through a postive displacement  or neutral displacement cap.

Thanks in advance for suggestions .

Carol Gosselin Rn, Crni


Porvidence RI


You can also long as the

You can also long as the port is accessed. The question is what do you lock the port with when you remove the access. Options could include alteplase, lepiridin (one small study as a locking solution but may not be the best alternative due to adverse reactions to it) plus all the other alternatives I presented in the webinars on catheter patency through INS. The 3rd one had all the alternative solutions. Just realize that all of these alternatives would be an off-label use.  


Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

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mary ann ferrannini
 We have used the direct
 We have used the direct thrombin inhibitor Agatroban as a flush. This medication is also a treatment for HIT. I cannot remember the dose right now.but I will look it up. We have also had MDs prescribe this as a CVC flush on some of our HIT patients when we were unable to keep a patent line with saline only.
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