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cathy donahue
Informed Consent for Midlines

Does an informed consent need to be obtained for the placement of a midline catheter? 

Chris Cavanaugh
Midlines are considered peripheral IVs

Cathy, the State of Florida Nurse practice act does not address this specifically, so it would be up to the hospital's risk managment department as to how they would want to handle concent for this procedure.   Midlines are considered peripheral IV catheters, and low risk, therefore many hospitals do not require a separate consent form specific to Midline placement.   In fact, many hospitals are moving away from procedure specifc concents in general across the country.   Patient education should always be given no matter what the device, and verbal concent from the patient received prior to placing any type of catheter.  Hope this helps!

Chris Cavanaugh, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC


We used to get consents for the Midlines - but as everyone know - they are just longer peripheral IV's so we have stopped with consents. Education is done and documented in the record

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